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STILL ALIVE APK 1.0.12 (Global Version) Download for Android


Join the fierce battles in the newest role-playing game of Netmarble, the game called A3: STILL ALIVE. Download the APK file of this game here.

Overview information

Introduce about A3: STILL ALIVE

Netmarble is one of the top game developers/publishers from Korea. They used to have many super RPGs like A3 (2005) or Marvel Future Fight. A3 is an online game, a unique combination between the multiplayer role-playing genre and battle royale. Netmarble has released a remake for the Android operating system with a new name A3: STILL ALIVE. And today, we will learn about this game.

A3: STILL ALIVE released at the time of 2019. From the BETA version, the game had a lot of pre-registered players. This shows that, although the game is old, when it is refreshed in terms of graphics and improved about gameplay, the game still has a huge appeal to the gaming community.


A3: STILL ALIVE is a unique combination of the two genres MMORPG and battle royale. Therefore, it has the appearance of both the most attractive elements of these two genres, that is, play according to the storyline and the Clan feature.

About storyline, players will have an epic experience, exploring vast lands and full of mysteries. A3: STILL ALIVE does not reveal much in this respect. NPCs will provide the necessary information and guidance.

In terms of Clan, you can team-up with other real players in the system to work together on quests and develop Clan. Netmarble has quite a few unique designs for this feature. First of all, the quests require many members to complete. Meanwhile, it offers a great source of rewards, benefiting players. About events, mostly, the events are for Clan. Players joining a Clan will have even more fun to play!

In addition, A3: STILL ALIVE also allows you to compete with real players. The players must develop their clan to make it one of the richest and most powerful clans. As a result, players will be given the authority to manage the cities and states in the game.

How to control the character

A3: STILL ALIVE has the typical control style of MMORPGs. The joystick and the skill buttons are arranged on either side of the screen. Players perform touch and swipe operations on the screen to perform the corresponding action.

The skill board is customizable, with up to 4 skills. You can arrange the position of skill keys as desired for more responsive control.


A3: STILL ALIVE offers 5 familiar hero classes of a role-playing game, including Warrior, Templar, Assassin, Berserker and Archer. In general, there aren’t any new ideas here but enough to take a long time to explore and explore their possibilities.

For each character class, they will have a different individual development process of abilities and skills. Skills can be unlocked when he achieves certain achievements and levels. Meanwhile, he can also equip weapons and items to enhance his strength.

Diverse game modes

One of the most anticipated features in A3: STILL ALIVE is that this game has many modes. And as I mentioned earlier, the game includes a Battle Royale element, and the survival mode shows this clearly. The battle has the participation of 30 real players. Everyone will fight with each other to become the last survivor. Maps in this mode are wide enough not to cause chaos.

PvP mode is also very noticeable. The battlefield was built on a large scale, up to 100v100 players in one map. Try to survive and become the most powerful warrior!

In addition, there are a number of other modes for players who have joined the Clan, such as Conquering. Members of the Clans will confront each other for territory. This activity is quite similar to the arena in other MMORPGs.


This game is carefully invested in graphics by Netmarble. The effects are shown vividly, making the slashes all accompanied by magical colors. Effects shake the screen, creating vibrations when the character performs a special skill. This also contributes to the fierce battle.

Although it has been greatly improved, some fans claim that the graphics remind them of Lineage 2: Revolution.

Download A3: STILL ALIVE APK for Android

Netmarble has released the Global version of A3: STILL ALIVE. All players can download the official game to experience. Join the clan to connect with other players, and together compete for glory. A lot of exciting activities and rewards are waiting for you in this game.

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