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Truck Simulation 19 MOD APK 1.7 Download (Free Shopping) for Android


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Do you remember the side quest in GTA: San Andreas in which Carl Johnson (our character) can earn extra cash by completing the truck delivery mission? It was a fun, challenging, and unforgettable experience. Imagine yourself driving in a big and heavy vehicle, enjoying your ride at sunset while the radio is playing your favorite track. Now that surely can make Truck Simulation 19 a game you should try on your mobile.

Truck Simulation 19 is published by Astragon Entertainment GmbH – a well-known game developer who is specialized in simulation games like Construction Simulator, Train Fever, and Bus Simulator. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices with medium storage required (~700 MB plus with new coming updates).

Truck Simulation 19 is very easily understood and straightforward, you play as the truck driver, complete delivery contracts, and receive credits (the game currency) to pay for your expenses or buy a new truck. But there is more than that, 10 minutes into the world of Truck Simulation, you will be amazed by how interesting it is.

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General Information

The game mapping design is based on the USA’s locations. The USA is the home where trucking culture is born and iconic imageries are created. Truck Simulation 19 offers nice and tidy graphics, the roads and buildings are built with decent details. However, it’s the background music that stands out which makes players instantly hooked by classical folklore tunes.

Truck Simulation 19 puts you in the shoes of the truck driver, taking delivery contracts, spending your day on the highway, traveling to new destinations, taking rests on the sideway to treat yourself to a beautiful view of the USA. Truck Simulation lets you purchase your favorite trucks from hundreds of choices available or sell the ones you no longer need. All the trucks are originally created by Mack and Kenworth – the world’s best truck makers. The game presents you with career paths such as managing the transport business: buy more trucks, hire other drivers, and manage them. Furthermore, you can level up your driver and unlock new regions as the game progresses.

The game sticks with its simple game concept, yet, succeeds in delivering what gamers are expecting. The “feel” of the game – or in other words, the truck driving simulation works wonderfully. You experience the game in a realistic way, interact with other drivers, traffic lights, turn on left or right light signaling when you wish to turn, understand how hard it is to control such a huge vehicle. Nothing complicated with the gameplay, but the fun and excitement are truly there.

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Game Operation

Upon opening the game, the first thing you do is choose a name and create your driver. You can choose either male or female, customize your driver’s face, hair, accessories, clothes, and you are ready to go. There will be a quick tutorial, and you are advised to take it. You get to choose how your control setting while driving, for example: by phone steering, by direction arrow, by wheel icon, or by horizontal control bar. It’s up to your preference, and you may change it anytime you want. There are indicators for fuel, your health. Pay attention to these to make sure your deliveries are not delayed. Rest if you’re tired; refuel when your tank is empty. Double-tap right under the left or right back mirror to turn on/off the respective signaling light. These are basic controls for the game. With practice, you will be better with turning arc, not stressed by reversing trucks with trailers attached. Different camera angles can also be utilized for tricky situations. Satisfaction coming from perfectly control a huge truck is totally worth it.

Into a mission/contract, a GPS which you can turn on/off will be shown on top of the screen to provide extra assistance. Later on, you will be guided through the truck dealership, contracts, management part. After purchasing a truck, you can upgrade your truck in the shop. There are also different types of cargoes and trailers available in the game.

If you played GTA, perhaps you want to be a street “god”. That’s not the case for Truck Simulation 19. Running past a red light, car crashing, speeding, all of these will be charged with credits and your dream truck will be another delivery contract further. So keep your head on the road, don’t crash on anything, you’ll save the cost of roadside repairs, and observe the road’s rules to keep maximum profits from your contracts.

With the Mod free shopping, it’s easier for you to experience the full features of Truck Simulation 19: all the trucks, upgrades, and more.

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Overall assessments

Truck Simulation 19 MOD APK lets you drive in indestructible vehicles, take part in a truck driver’s daily life, travel around the USA, and create your own transport empire, all of these just on your mobile. With decent graphics, great background music, simple yet effective gameplay, Truck Simulation 19 is the game that deserves your attention. Having been rated 3.5/5 on Google Play by over 19,000 players, there are good and bad flaws in this game.

There are some bug and crash reports by players so the game has been patched according to make sure a smooth gaming experience. The gameplay is a bit repetitive due to its nature. However, with the new states, cities coming out, the developers are showing concern for their players.

Truck Simulation 19 fits those who want to experience a truck driver’s perspective, those who are pleased with sensible driving, gentle gaming pace.

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The famous GTA franchise introduced by Rockstar Games is not to be ignored. PC gamers have been enjoying Carl Johnson’s adventure since 2004 – many called it the best game title. Now that it has been released on mobile (Android & iOS), GTA: San Andreas is a must-have on your phone.

GTA: SA tells the story of Carl Johnson (CJ in short) living in Los Santos, part of San Andreas. You play as CJ, whose mom was murdered, families were fallen apart, and now his friends are in great danger. It’s his job to restore the family pride and take over control of the neighborhood.

The gameplay can be as long as 70 hours and more, with action-packed missions over and over again. The game map alone is a vast open-world where you can freely explore the city of San Andreas and its suburban.

It’s hard to get bored playing GTA. The game contains loads of different mission types and hidden achievements: from robbing, gun shooting, gang conflicts to car racing, freight delivering, car dealing, etc. GTA: SA contains all that a gamer can ask for. If you enjoy Truck Simulation 19, you should not miss this game.

Final words

Fun, relaxing, decent paced, you can easily spend 30 minutes driving in the game without knowing. Especially with the management part, the game can direct itself towards another genre, which is an interesting approach from the developers. In a world where game developers strive for games with action-packed, twisted storylines, colorful figures, puzzles, Truck Simulation 19 is a cool way to escape from your daily life and enjoy the moment.

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