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Car Mechanic Simulator MOD APK 1.3.18 (Unlimited Money) Download


The money in Car Mechanic Simulator MOD APK version will help you to upgrade your garage to serve more customers. Please download the game via the link below the article.

Overview information

Introduce about Car Mechanic Simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator is a simulation game published by Digital Melody Games on the Android operating system. In fact, the PC version (sold on Steam) and the console version are very popular. It has a lot of fans, is rated as one of the addictive and satisfying simulation games. Now you can experience Car Mechanic Simulator right on your phone.

The story

Car Mechanic Simulator revolves around a prisoner. He was captured by a secret organization and imprisoned in a dark room. When he woke up from his coma, he found himself in a dark space, with the scent of oil and the smell of mechanics. It turns out, he had to sign a contract with this mysterious organization, helping them fix the car for a while in exchange for the safety of his family. Take the spanner and the necessary tools. Your mission is to repair and upgrade the best performance for the cars.

Play as a professional mechanic

In fact, the story of Car Mechanic Simulator is quite dramatic, but the core of the game is to turn you into a mechanic, with the task of repairing and upgrading cars for customers.

Car Mechanic Simulator download

When the mechanical workshop opens its doors, customers will come and bring their cars. You will have to take in maintenance requests, diagnose problems, and fix them for the car to work properly. Of course, you can repair the parts or choose to replace them if they no longer work.

Car Mechanic Simulator is a fairly detailed simulation game. It is both about the puzzle element (finding the problem, the car’s fault, and offering a solution), and it’s also related to the technical aspect. If you are a qualified mechanic, you will approach this game more quickly. The Car Mechanic Simulator is based on reality, that a single defect affects the vehicle. Therefore, you will have to dismantle the car to inspect each part, find the damaged spark plug to replace.

How to fix the car in this game?

If you are a newbie with no experience in auto repair, you can still play Car Mechanic Simulator and develop your skills.

Car Mechanic Simulator screenshot

The game provides a professional workflow. The first is to receive requests from customers. Then use the diagnostic machine to briefly check the vehicle. You will proceed to dismantle the parts, find the problematic part. Ultimately fix it or buy a new part to replace it, install it, and complete your job. Of course, the process isn’t finished there yet. Can you even put your car in the race to test whether the problems have really been solved? Is the replacement part fitting and working as expected?

Some mistakes can happen. Your bounty and experience will decrease, but you always have a chance to correct your mistakes.

Upgrade your workshop

Car Mechanic Simulator provides development workflow, helping you to minimize the amount of work and effort involved in car repairs. For example, you can upgrade the diagnostic machine to make it work faster and more efficiently. Before that, if you could not check the brake or tire fault, please upgrade them. Moreover, the tools can also be upgraded, helping you dismantle and repair more parts of the vehicle.

Car Mechanic Simulator mod apk

Of course, performance will be enhanced when something is upgraded. This is essential because your customers are only waiting for a certain amount of time. If the time is over and you are still not finished, they will leave and you will not receive any wages. Therefore, reducing the time for manual inspection or part replacement will meet customer requirements.

Customers will come to your workshop more when you complete multiple tasks. You need to expand your workshop to serve more customers.

MOD APK version of Car Mechanic Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money.

Download Car Mechanic Simulator MOD APK for Android

Car Mechanic Simulator is a detailed simulation game that contains a lot of knowledge about how a car works, and potential errors that cause them to have problems moving. You will have to separate the parts to look for defects, then repair or replace them to get them working again.

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