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Super Car Simulator MOD APK 0.010 (Unlimited Money) Download


Super Car Simulator MOD APK is attractive racing game released by Pika App. It contains a lot of interesting game modes, which will satisfy your car passion from many different angles.

Overview information

Introduce about Super Car Simulator

Join the dramatic races

Super Car Simulator includes an online mode where you face off against real players from all over the world. You will compete with them on the risky tracks, trying to lead and become the ultimate winner. However, this regime is still in developing. The Pika App said that they will be finalizing it by the time the game is officially launched.

Super Car Simulator

Besides, you can also join the open world mode. The context in this mode is quite similar to the GTA series. You can drive around the city, cause riot on the streets, race cars, or collide with other vehicles. There are no rules, no police, no pressure, no one has authority to control you. However, you need an internet connection to play this mode.

Show off your parking skill

Super Car Simulator is a driving simulation game. It does not contain the same racing element with the same drama as Gameloft’s Asphalt series, instead elements related to precision and control technique. This is clearly shown in Parking mode.

Super Car Simulator gameplay

The goal in this mode is to control the car back to where it was parked without touching anything on the road. Although the way to the finish line is quite short, it is quite narrow and has many obstacles. Meanwhile, your car is quite strong. If you don’t know how to control the speed of the car, you will crash into the median and make the game over.

Slow movement is the best way to overcome these challenges. However, the game is limited in time, you will have to finish before that point. The faster you reach the finish line, the more bonuses you will receive.

Other modes

If you are confident in the control of your vehicle, enter the time challenge mode. Here, you will have to complete a certain number of laps before the time ends. You will move around the city, with quite complicated traffic situation. Variety of moving vehicles, narrow roads, sidewalks, power poles and other obstacles. When playing at a higher level and the stakes are higher, the difficulty increases and the time for the challenge decreases. Can you control the car to dodge obstacles and reach the finish line?

Super Car Simulator mod apk

In addition, Super Car Simulator has another mode, Break. The goal in this mode is to collect items. They are arranged in a tight courtyard. You will have to use your drift skillfully to collect all of them before the time runs out.


Super Car Simulator has dozens of car models for you to collect and use. You can check them out in the garage. Try to win the races to get your favorite car. However, there are some high-end cars that require you to use real money to buy.

Besides looks, each car also has indicators for Speed, Brake, and Drift. Thanks to that, you can choose a suitable car to experience the respective game mode. For example, the racing mode against time, the car with high speed will give you the advantage. But for the Brake mode, the Drift stat is really important.

Get your bonuses

In fact, the victories yielded not many coins. You will have to spend a long time playing to have enough money to buy the car you love. The Pika App will reward you with some money when you follow them on social networks or join their server. Please visit the gift section to see details.

MOD APK version of Super Car Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Money increases as you spend.

Note, you need to have enough money to buy.

How to get money quickly when using the MOD version?

  1. Open the gift box icon (upper left corner of the screen).
  2. Choose “Click and follow us on social media” and receive 15,000 gold.
  3. Go into the garage and buy a car to increase the money.

Download Super Car Simulator MOD APK for Android

Super Car Simulator is a racing simulation game, offering many interesting game modes. If you are looking for a tool for entertainment, Super Car Simulator will make you feel satisfied. The graphics and sound of the game are very authentically designed. Meanwhile, the control is amazingly easy, including only four functions: turn left, turn right, accelerate and brake / reverse.

Currently, Pika App just released the Early Access version for testing. They are still fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and developing new features for the game. You can download Super Car Simulator here for a great entertainment time!

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