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Poweramp Music Player MOD APK 3-b893 (Full Version Unlocked)


Please download the MOD APK version of Poweramp Music Player on our website. The full version of the app has been unlocked for free to use.

Overview information

Introduce about Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player is a powerful music player for Android devices. The application focuses on three aspects, including audio editing, user interface and convenience. Therefore, Poweramp Music Player soon received a lot of love from everyone, with a total of 4.4/5 stars rating from more than 1.4 million reviews on Google Play. For the above reasons, if your device lacks a music player, you should download Poweramp Music Player now for a better experience.

Powerful audio equalizer

For some, they feel that the quality of the original music doesn’t seem enough to satisfy them. They want to adjust the frequency, bass and treble levels for a better experience. And the Poweramp Music Player audio equalizer kit solves this problem.

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