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HD Streamz MOD APK 3.4.0 Download (Ads Disabled) for Android


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Most multimedia streaming apps are now requiring their users to pay to unlock movies, TV shows, and live shows, which can be quite problematic if you don’t have much money to spare. So it’s always nice to have apps like HD Streamz available on your Android devices. Here, not only does the mobile app allow its users to enjoy playing live TV channels, but you can also stream many live radio stations from all around the world.

Feel free to engage yourself in the world of free entertainment in HD Streamz, with thousands of different options for you to choose from. Enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, movie channels, live sport events, live news updates, and have fun with interesting radio streaming applications. All of which will ensure your completely satisfied experiences.

Find out more about the awesome mobile app of HD Streamz with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

Here in HD Streamz, Android users will find themselves having access to a massive library of live TV channels, which you can easily access and enjoy at any time. Have fun working with thousands of available channels from countries all over the world. Stream your videos at highest sounds and visual quality. And most importantly, all of which will be available for absolutely free.

Also enjoy live radio channels that you can listen to whenever you want. Experience smooth and stable application, thanks to its improved streaming services with uninterrupted servers. And the intuitive and accessible app UI will make sure that you can all work well with the mobile application. Combined with high-quality content, you can truly enjoy your multimedia entertainment.


To start enjoying the awesome mobile app, you can simply have it installed from HD Streamz’s official website. The app is free to pick up so you can easily download the installation files. And the process is also quite easy so there shouldn’t be any problems.

Just make sure that you are running on the required Android firmware versions, which often require the latest releases possible. And at the same time, make sure to provide the app with certain access permissions, which are needed to enable the fully-featured mobile app on the system.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive and accessible mobile app

Right off the bat, Android users in HD Streamz can comfortably work with their intuitive and accessible mobile app, which provides the friendliest app UI that you can have in a long time. Here, you can simply access the app and immediately browse through the available content. Select the ones you wish to listen to and start streaming audio and videos at their highest quality possible.

Explore many live channels from different countries

Get ready to engage yourself in the massive in-app library of HD Streamz with more than 1000 different live channels from multiple countries all over the world. Have fun watching shows, movies, and live news updates from Bangladesh, India, USA, UK, Pakistan, UAE, Portugal, Spain, Canada, and many others. All of which can be categorized in both languages and genres. Thus, allowing you to comfortably select your favorite channels to watch.

Have fun with many live radio streaming services

At the same time, Android users can now work with many live radio streaming services in HD Streamz, which provide more entertainment content for you to engage with. Here, you can freely select your favorite radio stations and enjoy the channels with high quality audio. Also make certain customizations to enjoy the app to the fullest.

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Enjoy uninterrupted in-app experiences

And to make sure that Android users can enjoy the consistent application of HD Streamz without getting disrupted by broken links, the app always features multiple streaming links for each channel. This will make sure that you can always have options to spare. But to further improve the services, you should inform the app provider that their system is down, using the provided link report options.

Enjoy working with quick user support

At the same time, if you have any questions or inquiries regarding the mobile app, it’s totally possible for Android users to send questions or requests to the team through the User Support feature. Here, you can make requests for new channels or learn more about the app and its features. And if you have any ideas for future improvements, don’t hesitate to inform the team about your ways of thinking.

Unlock the full app with our mod

And last but not least, to unlock the full application of HD Streamz on your Android devices, users will probably want to go with our modified version of the app. Here, not only that you can enjoy the ad-free experiences, but the removed banners and eliminated extra permissions will ensure that you can have complete control over the app. Simply download the HD Streamz Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you can start enjoying it.


A little lack in sports channels

For those of you who are interested in watching sports and live events, you might find HD Streamz a little lacking in this regard. Hence, you might find Vola Sports being a better option. So feel free to check out the sport streaming app on our website. Nonetheless, HD Streamz is still perfectly capable for your standard sports entertainment.

Final verdicts

With a massive library featuring thousands of different TV and radio channels, HD Streamz provides complete entertainment experiences for Android users. And thanks to the completely free app, users won’t find themselves getting bothered with expensive subscriptions. Not to mention that with the modded version of HD Streamz, you can unlock even more interesting features, thus, making the app extremely amazing.

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