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Waze APK Download for Android (Latest version)


Waze APK is a navigation app that displays traffic on the screen. This advantage has brought many advantages to Waze over other navigation applications.

Overview information

Name Waze
Updated On
Package com.waze
Publisher Waze
Category Utilities
Size 88M
Requires Android 4.4
Version (build 1022233)
MOD Features No

Introduce about Waze

A great traffic social network with powerful directions from Google VOV is now available for Android.

The difference and uniqueness of Waze compared to dozens of other GPS applications available

Have you ever listened to the VOV traffic channel? I have had a few times when being on long car rides. For drivers traveling on the road, this is a lifesaver and even much more than that. Although there are too many GPS navigation applications on the phone or linked to the car screen, it is really difficult to deduce a lot of information or open your eyes wide to see each point one by one while driving. If there’s a navigation app that is as intuitive and vivid as VOV, that would be great.

Waze is the only app that does this, at least for now.

Waze for Android

Waze with open source has brought users from passive participation to active participation, mutually beneficial

Waze is a product of Google, so it inherits all the advanced features and a wide database of roads, maps, and different directions. And one factor that helps connect Waze with users is the open ability. Similar to online dictionaries, when there are more and more users added, the process of editing, adding comments, and information will help the application update and improve further.

Users are the core and main motivation of Waze’s development. It is the inclusion of users in the role of “active builder” that stimulates everyone’s participation and creates a lasting connection between users and the app.

Waze is the largest and only traffic social network today

But if that’s all, it’s not great enough, right? It still needs some special push to get as many people to join, subscribe to the app, and use it as possible. That was the premise for the manufacturer’s thought “make Waze different”. And then they came up with a plan which is risky but much better than expected: to incorporate social networking into the application.


As I mentioned above, the big difference of Waze compared to other GPS apps is the ability to interact, notify the traffic situation directly as a VOV channel. When you start Waze, you immediately join a social network that talks about only one topic: traffic on the road. By registering a new account or using an existing personal Facebook account, you will be able to do things that were only on social networks before: post status, live, like, comment, block… This process helps users moving on the road to be constantly updated with the latest, most immediate, multi-dimensional information about anything on the road, especially major events that can affect or cause traffic congestion such as car accidents, collisions on the road…

Core value ​​is always maintained and done outstandingly well

Of course, in addition to the above advantages, Waze is still a GPS navigation application. As well as similar apps, Waze has the following useful insights:

  • Detailed maps on all roads: It takes great advantage of Google maps. The exact and specific details you have experienced on Google maps are exactly the same on Waze.
  • AR navigation Features: The directions are highly accurate, and you just need to enter the destination address and follow the instructions.
  • The voice is gentle, easy to listen to, not too slow, not too fast, not interrupted.
  • There is also a feature to report the location in which the police watch the speed to help you make reasonable adjustments to the speed.
Waze Download

Waze has a simple interface design, easy to see and easy to understand. The operation on the traffic social network Waze is also specially designed to make everything as brief and as fast as possible. It can be said that, with only this one modern navigation app, Google has been very clever in connecting users and enriching its already rich database.

Download Waze APK for Android

Waze itself always has new updates and many trends and features from small to large to make communication on social networks as convenient and exciting as possible for all users. When using Waze, you not only get information but also get more inspiration and energy from the process of sharing, exchanging, and updating information that the application brings.

Let’s download Waze to see how great and effective it is.

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