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Gacha Animator APK Beta 1.1 Download for Android


Gacha Animator is a mobile application that helps users create their own anime characters like in the famous Gacha games that we love so much.

Overview information

Introduce about Gacha Animator

Try it for the best Gacha game character ever!

The immediate and long-term value of this Gacha game character creation application

Honestly, before trying the Beta test of Gacha Animator application, I have not played too many Gacha games. Partly because I don’t like the win or loss in it, partly because I prefer to play fighting games. But when I tried a few of this application, I realized that it is not necessary to like Gacha to use the app. Whoever you are, you just have passion and love for Japanese anime characters, you will love this app right after using it.

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It can be said that the product after creating is a chibi character that combines anime in an extremely sophisticated and vivid way. It’s like making your own doll that can move, talk, cry, laugh, breathe, and express like a real person, in the cutest form ever without knowledge about graphics, design, or drawing at all.

Bringing a new breath to chibi art and anime as well as multiplying people’s passion for the Gacha game genre is the great meaning behind this interesting application. This is also an effective entertainment for you after stressful working and studying hours. The result is something you can be proud of and It can be shared with friends to have the most exciting and funniest discussion moments.

With a minimalist interface, monochrome background, English handwritten instructions, each parameter comes with a measurement column for you to freely customize the design to your own preferences. Gacha Animator welcomes you to the world of Gacha character design in a very gentle and soothing way. Especially, it does not require any skills from the user, they just need luggage named “passion”.

Outstanding features

Using the application, we will manually create everything of the Gacha character. First, let’s choose the gender and the general shape. Next, you will come to the character’s identity details which are specifically designed. You can choose your brow line, your lash line, your lip line, your bangs, the color of your character from eyes to skin. That’s why I said It is extremely detailed.

After finishing an appearance for baby Gacha, let’s go on to the set of features to customize the character’s posture. As you guys who have played this genre know, our character doesn’t have too many movements, but some basic poses are a must. For example, raising hands, kicking feet, waving… all these movements in real life without the help of specialized graphics software must be drawn by hand little by little. So even if you have your favorite character in your hand but it does not have these skills, it is not enough.

Gacha Animator for Android 1440x810

But now, Gacha Animator has helped us do this, in an easier way than eating candies. All the basic movements of a character in the game Gacha will be fully visible in the dynamic feature set of the application. You just need to read the description then increase and decrease the stats (same way as when designing the original character) and you’re done. Whether the final character has a rhythmic, logical movement or not is due to whether your mix and match of the stats are compatible with each other or not, which will be decided by ingenuity and logic.

And if you still don’t want to spend too much time creating Gacha characters from start to finish, you can use another feature of Gacha Animator: Create built-in characters. Currently, this feature has not been unlocked yet, it is still being developed by the manufacturer. But if it is done, it must be the most perfect way to “shortcut” the process of making a perfect Gacha character without spending too much effort and time.

Honestly, it’s still better to create a new shape for your favorite character yourself, isn’t it?

Export quality images easily 

Once you’ve completed your character, you can quickly press the Export button and export the file as PNG, and then freely use them in a transparent background, with the rhythmic movements you just made. It’s worth mentioning that the picture quality is 4K standard. So, it can even be used if you are looking to make some experimental Gacha game yourself.

Gacha Animator on APKMODY 1440x810

Download Gacha Animator APK for Android

The number of characters and identities in this Gacha Animator application is unlimited. The movements are numerous, the lines and shapes are concise, clear, and natural. This is an extremely perfect Gacha game character creation app that should be used at least once if you wish to have your own game character!

Download the application to use right here.

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