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Burger Bistro Story MOD APK 1.2.7 (Unlimted Money) Download


Burger Bistro Story MOD APK is a simulation game from the publisher Kairosoft. In the game, you play as the owner of a burger truck and then slowly become an illustrious Giant in the field of burgers in the region.

Overview information

Introduce about Burger Bistro Story

A career simulation game that teaches us a vital business philosophy.

What business philosophy are you planning to start with?

I have a friend who quit her office job to work on her own. It has been more than 5 years now and he has had some achievements. One day I met her and asked about her business, she said “I find that when I do business and think about profit from the beginning, it is very difficult to succeed. We must start by bringing benefits to customers first, and then think about a long-term plan. And money or fame will come when you least expect it.” I nodded, “Yes, I see it”, even though I have never started a business before.

And the above business philosophy may be shown clearly in this game Burger Bistro Story.

At first glance, you will think that this is a quite classic pixel game that simulates work which is leisure and a bit boring. But I bet 110% that after playing, understanding the secret mind of the game maker, you will see that Burger Bistro Story is really a very different simulation game.

Products and Customers are the focus

In other career simulation games, as soon as you have your small shop, your task is to collect as much money from customers as possible. You may need to diversify products (but I don’t know if it’s delicious), create more accompanied service chains (but I don’t know if customers really need them), … all started for money and went up also for money.

But in Burger Bistro Story, you will find a completely different approach. The goal of you, the owner of a small roadside burger restaurant, is to bring memorable flavors to your customers so that wherever they go, they will remember them, and also want to come back to eat at your restaurant’s signature burger. Of course, you still need revenue to cover costs and turn your plans into reality. But the stage of collecting money, counting money, and showing this statistical amount is not something that often happens in the game. It’s just a very, very minor part. Most important are your decisions in bringing delicious and diverse hamburgers to customers.

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