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Surgeon Simulator APK 1.5 Download free for Android


Surgeon Simulator APK is an anatomy and surgery simulation game on mobile platforms from the developer Bossa Studios. In the game, you will play as a great surgeon, holding a scalpel to save the lives of unfortunate patients.

Overview information

Name Surgeon Simulator
Updated On
Publisher Bossa Studios
Category Simulation
Size 237M
Requires Android 4.4
Version 1.5 (build 38)
MOD Features No

Introduce about Surgeon Simulator

Is being a surgeon terrifying?

The game is simple but can shake all the best surgeon

Have you ever thought that you have faced and fought in the scary bloody scenes in horror fighting games, so nothing is scary to you anymore? You were wrong. Try playing Surgeon Simulator to get the answer! Believe me! Even the most powerful hero or warrior when seeing the scene in the surgery room will all fall.

Surgeon Simulator APK download 1440x810

As in this game, you will play the role of a surgeon to do all the operations from the simplest to the most complex to dissect, hold, touch, and manipulate the implant, graft, and replace internal organs inside the human body. If you are interested in thrilling feelings, there are two ways to experience surgery. One is to be a doctor in the future who is looking for a simulator to experience what is about to happen in the profession. One is that you’re the one with nerves of steel and curious enough to wish to go through all of the most terrifying experiences in the gaming world.

The game causes real confusion, bewilderment, and fear

The world of a surgeon is completely different from what we already know about the professional professions around us. And it’s only for people who really want to know and want to do it seriously. But in Surgeon Simulator, I realized this game may be for anyone (over 12+). It doesn’t have any academic element or emphasis on reality’s practical elements. You can get confused and you can make silly mistakes and find ways to correct them with even dumber solutions. But above all, the player’s clumsiness through the pre-set game situations will give them experiences that are suspenseful, funny, and dramatic.

The game scene in Surgeon Simulator is divided into “surgery cases”. Each case has a brief name which is the mission of the operating team such as heart transplant, kidney transplant, heart transplant …  without any instructions or assistants. In the operating room, there are only just you and the medical equipment scattered everywhere, and of course… a patient waiting. That “terrifying” scene will make you feel the tension that you have never had in any fighting game.

When you start trying to hold a tool for the first time and do what you think is right (because there are no notes or instructions), you will constantly have mistakes stemming from your panic, confusion, not from your skills or knowledge. For example, you may drop a scalpel, drop a watch into the patient’s abdominal cavity, or drop a drill to make the character shake as if he wants to die… Everything can happen until lessons are learned: if you want to play well, you also have to behave properly like a decent surgeon.

The gameplay of Surgeon Simulator

Game Surgeon Simulator is designed with a first-person perspective. You will only see your hands and manipulations on the complex parts of the patient. On the mobile version, the surgeon’s hand movements will be controlled by touching the screen, dragging left and right, up and down, and touching the object to be used to hold. Although it is not too complicated, it will take you some time to get used to it. Once you get used to it, things go much faster.

Surgeon Simulator free on APKMODY 1440x810

In this game, we will have a total of 3 main types of surgery including heart transplant, kidney transplant, and brain transplant. Either way, the general rule should be: First, clear all organs that are blocking the way to the part to be operated on. Next is the replacement, pairing according to the requirements of the surgery. Finally, post-operative management is done so that the patient loses as little blood as possible. And finish the scene.

The game is scarier than any horror you’ve ever known

The horror is that in all three steps, each person will have a different way of dealing with the patient’s internal organs. And you don’t have to worry about anything but do the right thing you are assigned: put what needs to be put in the right place, cut carefully so that it doesn’t bleed too much, and for the rest, you may put it anywhere you like. Oh my god!

The second horror lies in the space and conditions of the surgical team. The most basic and easiest would be a separate, sterile surgical room. A little more terrible thing could be a patient lying on a bus or an ambulance racing like crazy on the road with too many blood splashes in all directions. The ultimate horror is an extraterrestrial surgery scene in a zero-gravity environment. Well, no need to say more, you have already imagined how horrible everything is.

How is the graphics?

It can be said that the graphics in the game Surgeon Simulator is at a pretty good level, not too prominent. Visceral details, manipulation of the character, a little color, and gore imbued with horror were designed well. But what surprised me was the visual effects in the game. The shaking phases in the car, on the spaceship, are reproduced spectacularly. Just playing on the phone is enough to feel extremely excited. I’d probably lose my heart with scenes like if playing on a widescreen PC.

Surgeon Simulator for Android 1440x810

Besides the horror I just told, Surgeon Simulator also brings a lot of laughter because of the players’ silly situations in the game. Laughing, then being confused, then feeling guilty, again and again. All this complex emotional cycle is the human value that Surgeon Simulator wants to bring: no matter what career you do, knowledge, skills, and responsibility are still the top three. Especially if doing work related to human life, everything must be perfect and not allow any errors, no matter how small they are.

Download Surgeon Simulator APK for Android

It is a unique game bringing many elements of horror and humor. Mixed in there are many deep meanings that we will learn for ourselves. If you don’t play this strange game, your mobile game fun has lost a very unique color.

Download Surgeon Simulator to play here, guys. It’s free!

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